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We Are Blessed…

…to have so many fine people come visit us. We thrive on community and want to continue to bring people together.

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Caribbean Express

Our great friend Wayne Vernon is a man you need to know. “Mr. Sunshine” has been in broadcasting since 1980, when he joined the Jamaican Broadcasting Corporation. He now lives in Vancouver. Learn more about him here.

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We do like to throw a party

We are fully liscensed and able to run a great event. Carib, Red Stripe, Appelton, J Wray & Nephew, plus so many other of your favorites.

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Bring the People Together

We are a land of many peoples and it is a great honor to be able to host various people under one roof.

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Live Music at Di Reggae

We have ourselves a deep stage with a house PA (including a monitor), a mixer board, mic stands, mics, and even a drum kit. Contact us to book. We are looking for Roots, Rock, and Reggae!

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We Cater..and Deliver!

You can request online or give us a call. We specialize in birthday parties, boat cruises, business events, and more! Call us for parties larger than 20.

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It doesn’t have to be a big party

Hanging with friends, we love that as well! Di two a dem a bench an batty, mi baily si dem widout each other!